Successful in any environment, successful in any market

Ultimately the best endorsement of our commercial cattle is the price they achieve in the marketplace.  At Konjuli we concentrate on aspects such as temperament, positive carcass traits and maintaining focus on breed traits such as tick resistance, foraging ability and growth. The result is that when selling steers or heifers, spirited bidding and above average prices are always achieved at the saleyards.

“The first cattle we ever bought were eleven steers from Sean and Evone Barrett at Konjuli. We had no experience and were looking for cattle that two novices could handle easily. Evonne and Sean invited us out to their property to show us the boys and how they work them in the yards using low stress handling techniques. Because they had been handled this way they were quiet and easy for us to work them in the yards.

This year we wanted to build up our herd again and only wanted Konjuli cattle. We bought 31 Konjuli weaner steers and again, they are quality cattle with nice natures and easy to move through yards to vaccinate or move through grazing cells. It reduces our work time with them, is low stress for everyone and we get to enjoy the boys.”

Janelle Vaughan and Allan Coppin

Ridgevale, Queensland


The Konjuli breeder herd has not been dipped since 2008 with natural selection for buffalo fly resistance as well. Grazing takes place in undulating country and also hilly country on our property. The breeders forage on predominantly black spear grass pastures and have access to dry Phosphorus licks to ensure good herd health during regular dry periods. The breeders are “Control Mated” and annually pregnancy tested and cows that did not produce a weaner after testing are removed.



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